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You think you know. And you probably do.

Chanella Bella
16 December 1985
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I play the drums (kind of). I like to read. I like chapstick. and scotch tape.

adam sandler, admiral twin, akira, all-american rejects, b&p, baking, bass, being out of state, ben folds five, better than ezra, billy gilman, biore strips, black thick rimmed glasses, bleu, body shop perfume, bone thugs, bone thugs n harmony, books, bounce, bowling for soup, caricatures, catch 22, catcher in the rye, cds, cell phones, chapstick, concerts, contacts, cooking, cool graphics, copperpot, counting crows, cowbells, culinary arts class, cymbals, daly city, dave matthews band, depeche mode, digital cameras, disney world, disneyland, dr. evil, drums, drumsticks, dvds, educating myself, epcot, even stevens, flip flops, gavin degraw, george carlin, guitar, hanson, hanson concerts, heather denene, homegrown, i-zone cameras, incubus, janis joplin, jason mraz, jd salinger, jimmy buffett, jimmy eat world, john mayer, joshua dean, juba, justin timberlakes solo career, kool aid, lauryn hill, lip gloss, listening, local bands, lotion, louis sachar, love soon, love spell, lucy woodward, manila envelopes, maroon 5, medex, mesh hats, mickey mouse, music, my bed, my family, my name, my papa, nelly, nelly furtado, new found glory, new living arrangements, nicholas sparks, no doubt, oneadays, ouchless scrunchies, pads, pencils, pens, photo booths, pilipinos, playing drums, playing guitar, promarks, puka shells, reel big fish, rock, rocky horror picture show, shows, ska, soba, something corporate, soul for real, stamps, stationery, stevie ray vaughan, stick wraps, sublime, sushi, tanforan, the get up kids, the karate kid trilogy, the tories, third eye blind, tonic, tweezers, usa flags, victoria secret scents, vitamin c, wally lamb, webcams, whitney houston, will young, writing, wyclef, yoshiko uchida